About Unit34.co

The Unit34.co blog was established to help others learn and build a Windows desktop and server infrastructure in their own home. It is intended to be read by IT professionals who are new to the desktop and server administration space and aims to give them the practical experience they can try at home and take into their workplace.

Articles are mostly written in a step-by-step format and are centred on a reference setup being built by the author. The reference setup starts off as a typical home network and evolves into a sophisticated Windows domain.

Most of the technologies in this blog are focused on the Microsoft platform.

The Reference Setup

The reference setup starts off as a simple network which you would most likely find in a typical home. It consists of;

  • A single subnet (such as
  • A router that provides DHCP, DNS, NAT and firewall services
  • Internet access

The typical home network may also have various network devices such as PCs, Macs, mobile phones, tablets, printers, game consoles and servers connected via wire or wireless.