Tuesday, January 24, 2017

WD Sentinel DS6100: Using Unsupported Solid State Drives (SSDs)

If you own a WD Sentinel DS6100, one of the things you may be thinking about is whether or not you can replace your boot drives with Solid State Drives (SSDs) for faster performance. Straight up we're going to answer that for you with a yes. Please note that no SSD is officially supported by WD for the DS6100 so you do this at your own risk.

Performing a clean install of Windows Server

When swapping out your boot drives for SSDs, it is probably best to perform a clean install of Windows Server onto your WD Sentinel rather than attempting to rebuild your existing install by exploiting the RAID configuration of your WD Sentinel.

After a clean install, you may find that the RAID configuration is broken and your two boot drives will show up individually in Windows. To fix this, make sure all the WD components are installed and that Windows Server Essentials Experience is configured.

Whitelisting an Unsupported or Incompatible Drive

When using an unsupported or incompatible drive with your WD Sentinel, you may get an INVALID DRIVE message on your WD Sentinel's LCD screen and/or a red light above the drive bay that has the unsupported or incompatible drive. To make the message and/or red light go away, you'll need to add the unsupported or incompatible drive to the WD approved drive list.

To add a drive to the drive list, first make sure that the latest WD software components are installed. The minimum version required is which can be downloaded from the WD website in the support section for the WD Sentinel DS6100. Then go edit the DriveList.xml file located at "C:\Program Files\Western Digital\Western Digital Drive List".


  1. Thanks.
    I bought a Seagate hard drive to replace one disk on my unit, and I had to do this trick in order for it to be recognized.

  2. Hannah, thank you SOOOO much for these DS6100 guides. I'm going to try and upgrade my DS6100 to a newer server version, and I'd like to try SSDs for my OS drives! Wish me luck!

    Take care and thank you again!

  3. Hannah, how do you find out all that detailed information for your particular replacement drive??

  4. Hello . WD DS6100. Question is: possible make (install) boot SSD driver or "no" . If "yes" then how ?
    HDD detect, SSD NO detect. (I want to install original OS)