Tuesday, February 2, 2016

WD Sentinel DS6100: Supporting Time Machine

One of the features of the WD Sentinel DS6100 running Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials is that is supports Time Machine out of the box. Time Machine is a very user friendly backup solution for users running Max OS X on your network. They will need a user account on your domain to access this feature.

The default location for Time Machine backups on your server is D:\ServerFolders\TimeMachine. If you attempt to move the folder, you may have noticed that it doesn't appear in your Windows Server Essentials Dashboard.

Moving the Time Machine Folder

Moving the Time Machine folder required a bit of trial and error on my part. It is not something supported by Western Digital. Regardless I'm going to show you how I did it on my sever.

Step 1. Go to the new location on your server and create a folder called TimeMachine or copy it from your old location.

Step 2. Open services.msc and stop the services Western Digital AFP Support Service (WDAfpSupportService) and Western Digital Bonjour Service (WDBonjourService). You may also need to open the Task Manager and kill any associated processes.

Step 3. Open regedit.exe and using the Find and Find Next features, find all instances in your registry that references the old location (D:\ServerFolders\TimeMachine) and change it to your new location. In our example we have changed to E: drive.

Step 4. Open services.msc again and restart the services Western Digital AFP Support Service (WDAfpSupportService) and Western Digital Bonjour Service (WDBonjourService). It may also be a good idea to restart your server.

Step 5. The folder should have been moved now. Check by attempting to use Time Machine on a Mac on your network. To help troubleshoot errors, you can look at the Event Viewer for events generated by ExtremeZ-IP.

ExtremeZ-IP is the third-party tool Western Digital used to provide Apple Mac support on the DS6100.

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