Thursday, September 10, 2015

WD Sentinel DS6100: Performing a Factory Restore

To perform a factory reset on a WD Sentinel DS6100, press and hold the Shift key before restating your server. Windows will then reboot into the Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE).

Once in Windows RE, select the Troubleshoot option. Behind the Troubleshoot option, Western Digital placed an option here to factory reset your DS6100. Press WD Factory Restore to start the factory reset.

A script will then run to perform the factory reset. You will need to confirm that you want to continue. Once done, your DS6100 will reboot.

Please note that this process also works for the WD Sentinel DS5100 and ONLY works when you have not messed with the default factory partitions. Outside of this process, there is no official way to factory reset your DS6100. If you have lost your recovery partition, you'll need to contact Western Digital for help. In a later post, we'll look at backing up and restoring your recovery partition on a DS6100.

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